Harry Styles is a hat wearing kinda guy, and that's a fact. Whether it's a beanie, fedora, trilby or even a rag - the One Direction love-bot just feels happier when he's got some head wear stuck on top of his bonce.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

1. The snapback

Next came the snapback hats plaink, always worn at a jaunty angle which may or may have not been intentional. It's hard to fit that many curls under just one hat, you know.

3. The beanie

Now we come to perhaps the most recognizable era of Harry's hat history - the beanie era. In fact, this is a particularly complex section of the hat-olution history, and we've had to divide it into sub-sections.

a) The green beanie

Muted in colour and a popular choice for at least a few weeks, the green beanie is a firm favourite with many Directioners.

b) The Orange Beanie

Not so with the orange beanie - the most famous of all Harreh's hats and widely associated with THE HAYLOR DAYS. Yep, Haz sported this on his bonce for almost the entirety of his relationship with Taylor Swift, ditching it around the same time he, er, ditched her. COINCIDENCE? WE THINK NOT.

c) The blue Beanie

Post Haylor came this blue beanie - the colour of which some suggested symbolized a new inner calm for Harry. Others just thought the orange one probably needed a wash.

3. The snapback (backwards)

Harry rediscovered his love for the snapback after his beanie love affair - but being a bit older and therefore a bit more rebellious, started wearing them BACKWARDS. Hot.

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