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Deck Seal Power Washing Training Package

(Now in Adobe PDF for immediate viewing)
Deck Seal Training Package
is designed to provide all the information you need to setup and run a successful power washing business specializing in deck cleaning and sealing.  Experienced contractors can also pick up some ideas that will increase productivity.  Below is a brief description of what's included.

Training Manual
(In Adobe PDF for immediate viewing)
  • Nine chapter manual takes you through everything you need to set up a successful Deck Cleaning & Sealing business.
  • Learn exactly what equipment you will need, which supplies work best, detailed training in power washing and sealing, proven sales techniques, advertising ideas, and effective record keeping.
  • Lists all equipment and supplies.
  • All supplies available through local stores.
  • Equipment available at wholesale prices.

Advertising Package
(In Adobe PDF for immediate viewing)

  • Take our successful flyers and advertising ideas and customize them with your local information.
  • Package includes general flyers, seasonal flyers, store flyers, coupon ad, brochures, sales letters, example of a truck or trailer sign, and more.
  • Using these proven ideas will get your business off to a flying start.
Training Video on DVD
  • Explanation of all equipment and supplies needed.
  • Learn how to hook up and use your equipment.
  • See how to measure a deck and write up an estimate.
  • Learn how to power wash like a pro.
  • See how to clean both wood and concrete.
  • Complete instructions on how to seal a deck with ease.
  • See how to clean up and store sealer and supplies for quick reuse.
  • Great for training employees.
  • Menu allows you to go from scene to scene for easy access
  • You'll see everything you need to know!
Power washing DVD

Sample Brochure
(In Adobe PDF for immediate viewing)

  • Sample of the brochure we use when doing estimates
  • Get going right away using the ideas and wording we have already used successfully
Power Washing brochure

See what equipment you will need

  • Get the right machine.
  • See how to set everything up.
  • Learn what accessories you will need.
Get the best supply advice
  • Which sealer looks and works the best.
  • Organization tips.
  • Tips for quick and efficient use of supplies.
  • Simplified stock recommendations to avoid any excess inventory.


You will learn everything you need to know!...

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