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Deck Seal Training Package Testimonials

"Thank you very much for the vital information you sent me. It definitely increased my knowledge of Pressure washing a great deal. You're training package is worth every dollar and more. Talk to you later."

Clayton Estrella
Rockford, MN USA

"For those of you who are hesitating whether or not to buy the training package,stop!!!! Geoff's, package is awsome with a capital"A"!!! This guy doesn't mind helping with technical support as well. I burned up his ears for an hour one Sunday, and he didn't mind not one bit!!"

Robert Gregg
White Plains, MD USA

"I received the training package and it was great. Just what I was looking for to compliment my fence business. Great site, and the bulletin board is awsome."

Heartland Fence
Nebraska City, NE USA

"Excellent training materials! Well worth the investment."

Tony Gregg
Houston, TX USA

"Purchased your training program and found it to be very useful.I knew I wanted to expand my landscaping service to include power washing and deck sealing but wasn't sure how to go about it and what to expect.Your program answered a lot of questions and made adding these services much easier. Thanks.I'll be checking in on the bulletin board often."

Richard Turner
Elmira, NY USA

"For those just starting or thinking of getting in the business I recommend Geoff's package highly. "

Rick Vagnoni
Deck Care Plus
Philadelphia, PA USA

"Geoff has had some great ideas to start my own business. Life is great in the winter and busier than I'd expected in the summer time. Thanks Geoff O'"

Donald "the deckdude" Wagner
Ashland, Ohio USA

"I ordered the training package four years ago and now have a succesful wood restoration business. This information changed my life. Thanks Geoff."

Jim Hamilton
San Diego, CA USA

"Geoff, great training package... "

Charlie Brannon
Mcdonough, GA USA

"We started our family owned business 2 years ago by using Geoff's training package. We are into our 3rd season this spring. We are already getting calls for service, one last week...we couldn't believe it...we had 19 inches of snow and ice on the ground! They wanted to be first on the list as word of mouth has gotten out, and they didn't want to miss out on our service."

Tom and Debbie Haynes
Indianapolis, IN USA

"Geoff, great site. I still am doing my research to add deck sealing and power washing to my already existing small business.The info and talk on the site most definately inspires me."

Dan Cafaro
New York, NY USA

"Great site! I just finished putting everything together for my new PW business. I bought an 11HP/3200PSI/4GPM machine and now I'm working on my marketing plan. I'm really looking forward to becoming successful in the this business."

Daniel Mueller
Better Power Washing
Pt. Pleasant, NJ USA

"It's really great site. I ordered your program on my first day when I discovered your page. I'm ready to start PW business. Thanks for good job."

Waldemar Kisiel
Jacksonville, FL

"Hi Geoff, Loved the site and the information that it provided. I have ordered the training package and keen to start Decking business here in Australia."

Steve Horton
Brisbane, QLD Australia

"Enjoy this site. I have been reading about various business opportunities and this looks to be the best one. I am seriously considering starting my own business next Spring. Thanks, Geoff, for the training package. I live in the Chicago area and am curious what other power washers are doing during colder months when it's too cold to clean and seal decks. Thanks."

David Danner
Woodridge, IL USA

"Geoff, your materials have been a great help. We are getting ready to launch a company of home care services including window washing, gutter cleaning, and power washing, and your tools are really helping to strengthen that portion of the business. Thanks."

Gary A. Bisel
Lenexa, KS USA

"Great Site, good products. I have my own deck and fence care business and am always looking to improve business and get business. Will be checking out your program."

Reed's Deck and Fence Care
St. Peters , MO USA

"Great Website. Also great value in your training material."

Arthur Corey
Custom Greenery
Tyngsboro , MA USA

"I bought your package and video and I was very impressed."

Patrick Kenneally
Carver , MA USA

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